Monday, December 17, 2007

iPhone marketshare stories

There are a few stories running around about how the iPhone has snagged massive marketshare in Q3. Review of the numbers shows that this isn't MARKETSHARE but new unit sales.

Big difference.

At the time of the iPhone release/ship date, both RIM and Palm were selling around 750,000 units each per quarter, and have been doing so for 5-7 quarters. How the iPhone can sell just over 1M units and be considered to have gained a 27% marketshare in the smartphone market just doesn't compute.

There are roughly 5 to 7 million Palm based smartphones out there, combine that with another 6 to 8 million RIM devices - let alone a pile (est 3 million) of Symbian smartphones out there, the numbers for the iPhone just aren't there for an actual marketshare % as they quote.

However, in terms of NEW sales, I think the iPhone is probably doing quite well against its competitors.

Once Apple rolls out 3G data and the SDK, I believe that sales will really ramp.

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