Thursday, December 6, 2007

Seth's spam

Seth posted today about his spam problem. Aptly titled, "When spam approaches infinity", he's finally given up on an unfiltered inbox, and had Yahoo turn on spam filtering on his email. His immediate false positive rate has been .5%, and he's none too happy.

Can you blame him?

Our determination to build an anti-spam system that's trusted by people like Seth is building more and more momentum as people get fed up of loosing important email to their spam filters.

Especially for small groups like Seth - that's why we offer our hosted anti-spam for FREE for groups/companies with 10 or less mailboxes. Go ahead, sign up and give it a try. (it's free!)

Email me and I'll send you a "spammers hate me" t-shirt. (while supplies last - I've got about 20)

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