Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hijacking on the open internet

I received a mass email for an upcoming Entrepreneur's event in Green Bay, and when I visited the website for the event, I was shocked to see that it reflected information from the 2006 event. Looking closer, there were some odd adverts for cars, written essays, naval rings and some unreadable Russian text. Suspicious, I clicked on to the agenda page, which was for the 2005 event. Down at the bottom were text ads for buying Levitra and another Russian link.

At first I thought their website was hacked, but this didn't smell like a hack. A quick check of the whois record for the domain and sure enough, the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce didn't renew the domain. Duh! I'd say it was hijacked, but how do you hijack an abandoned ship?

Almost all domain registrars have auto-renew to keep these little things from happening.

Are your important domains set to auto renew?

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