Monday, December 3, 2007

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Looking at the message traffic for new spam outbreaks, I'm seeing a lot of messages which have been created with the intent to poison heuristic based anti-spam solutions, which can only mean one thing - the spammers are preparing for a flood of spam to hammer out.

One would think that pre-Christmas would be the optimal time for a spam burst, but the way that spammers think, you also have to take into account that they're targeting the week between Christmas and the new year for their little message avalanche. Why? Most staff will have this week off for vacation and there's better chances that they're message will get into user's inboxes as a result.

Yet another reason of the season not to use (or trust) heuristic based systems.

The image here is my favorite spam image so far this Christmas season. LOL

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Eric said...

They have Viagra Soft? How Ironic.