Thursday, November 6, 2008

What motivates you?

I had the opportunity tonight to sit and listen to a great conversation with Lance Armstrong at the Web 2.0 Summit. Lance was inspirational, thought provoking, funny and somber over the 45 minute conversation.

My take home quote from Lance was in answer to the question, "What motivates you?". His reply?

"I am motivated by the fear of losing"

Yup. I can relate to that.

Can you?

(sorry for the shot of the screen in the room - the lighting was crap and my iPhone didn't get any decent shots of him on stage in front of me.)


saweb said...

Guessing biz is good - that's a pricey event to attend. Hope the weather is SF is good for you - any windsurfing?

David said...

No sailing this trip - though I'd love to sneak down to the coast for a little surfing sesh on Saturday morning before I jet out if I could swing it.

How are the kids? Drop me a line one of these days or stop in. I know Mike and the guys would love to see ya.