Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So annoying

So, the iPhone is arguably one of the most capable handheld devices on the market today. Yet there's one thing that the iPhone, thanks to AT&T, does no better than a $9 flip phone.


If you SMS me a picture, I get a silly SMS message that proclaims that you've sent me a picture and in order for me to retrieve said picture, I have to visit some lame URL, type in a username and password which are unique every time (and impossible to remember) and then I get to view a scaled down version of whatever you sent me.

Ok, aside from the obvious fact that the phone doesn't just receive the image, why can't AT&T send me some sort of tinyURL type link which is unique to me to get these messages??

I mean, its so 1999 its boggles the mind that Steve Jobs and company would even tolerate such insane abuse of technology on an Apple product like this.

Is this a sign of what life is like when you sell your soul to the devil??


egon said...

I don't understand why they don't just have an MMS client for the iPhone.

David said...

There is one, but you need to jailbreak it to use it.

I think we all need to find Steve's mobile number and send him a crap load of MMS's.