Friday, November 7, 2008

Misc thoughts on the Summit

As the Summit heads towards its close this afternoon with Al Gore, here are some of my takeaway thoughts.

1. Its been well run. Hats off to the organizers.
2. The WIFI actually works. Many conferences fall on their face with this, but the WIFI has been more than solid.
3. Thanks to AT&T putting a temporary mobile site here at the Palace Hotel. This gave all the iPhone users full bars on both Edge and 3G. I'm sure this was appreciated all around.
4. Speaking of iPhones - my first impression was that more than half of the attendees had them. But during the AT&T CEO's talk, John asked for a show of hands, and I'd say that it was WELL over 50% of the attendees, perhaps 70%.
5. Lots of Macs. Yeah, its a bad sample group, but its safe to say that 80%+ of the attendees had an Apple laptop.
6. Networking value. I met a lot of great people. My only regret is not being able to meet more. I only scratched the surface considering the attendee list that we were all given.
7. Content value. Very high. Great speakers. 'nuf said.
8. Overflow. Hmmm, if you spend bucks on coming here, you'd think they'd have enough seats in the ballroom. If I ended up in overflow I'd bust ass for a refund or discount on next year.

All in all, great conference. I'll be here next year.

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