Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And so it begins

With the election hours old, Russia makes a bold move which while might be surprising to some, wasn't to me. Russia has been out there, building like a supercell in June in Tornado Alley and now they're letting us and the world know that they're about to move into a new Cold War with the United States and NATO.

In addition to the international threat, the Russian President (which we all know is just a puppet for Putin) also made some rather remarkable changes to the Russian Constitution. Namely extending the presidential term - how nice of him.

Put into perspective how Russia is cozy with countries such as Iran (who is also rattling the sabre), Venezuela and how they "nationalized" several industries (oil) and their recent issue with Georgia where they effectively tested the waters on militaristic expansion.

If you are primarily worried about what's happening IN our country, then you are blind to the real game going on OUTSIDE of our borders.

The vote yesterday is going to bring change all right. Change in ways that Obama's supporters could never fathom.

Its interesting to note that the Russian (or near Russian) folks here at the Web 2.0 Summit are VERY worried about this recent development and several that I've spoken with were pro Obama and now aren't so sure. While they think Obama will be a good "talker" (their word, not mine) they don't think he'll command any respect in strength positioning and his words about cutting not only military spending, but R&D money on new weapons is seen as a sign of great weakness internationally. (see video)

FYI - this is the LAST political post on this blog - I'm going to bring back the original blog that in some respects was the FIRST blog before there were blogs back in 1999. Go here for my politically minded thoughts.

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ld_pearson said...

Hindsight is always 20/20. I'm going to try hard not to say "I told you so." Or maybe not so hard.