Saturday, November 1, 2008

Please login

Try something for me....

If you have a Northwest Airlines WorldPerks account on, login and take a a look at your miles balance, perhaps check your upcoming flights and then do something important.

Go book a flight.

Notice anything? Yup - you've been logged out and need to log back in to book your flight.

WTF? You were just logged in, all verified and ready to book a ticket somewhere cool and exciting, but NOOOOOOO. The web geniuses at NWA make you log back in again to book said flight.

The best part - you can click on worldperks while getting a flight booked even as a guest, and guess what? The Worldperks part of the website checks the cookie and knows who you are. Seems that the guys in the booking part of NWA aren't quite as savvy as the rest of the crew.

Sorry, this is just silly and downright idiotic in today's world. Totally.

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carrera said...

And you wonder why they went bankrupt? If they can't do a website right......