Saturday, August 30, 2008

They just don't get it

Just a quick post this morning about Sarah Palin. After scanning the news articles, television reports, and bloggers, I have to laugh at their attempts to point out Sarah's flaws. (the best was Michael Moore on MSNBC - the dude can't form a sentence to save his life - let alone a coherent thought that actually makes sense.)

It further proves how they just don't get it.

All of her "flaws" are the reasons many of us like her.

But best of all, in her "limited" governmental experience, she's been in leadership positions. That's more than anyone else on the presidential ballot can claim. And while many CLAIM to be a straight shooting, "do what's right" leader, she's the only one who's actually DOING it and standing up for whats right. Regardless of party lines.

I'm not worried about her straying from that course - and I'll bet there's a whole lot of folks in Washington who DON'T want to see her as VP just for these reasons.

That's why we need her. ;-)

Go girl!!

(and did you see the video of her on CNN shooting the AR-15 with the troops in Iraq? Nice!)


Neil Mix said...

Have to say, I'm not enthused. I see the appeal, but she's a big risk. Smacks of desperation.

David said...

Its gutsy, and it uphold's John's "Maverick" reputation! LOL

Eric said...

Desperation? The polls have been pretty much even...

Neil Mix said...

Even? Hmm...national polls have shown Obama with a consistent 3-7% advantage since May. And by electoral college vote he has an even bigger lead. So yeah, desperation.

Eric said...

seems to fall into the 'pretty much even' category pretty well.

Zogby Poll: Equilibrium in the POTUS Race!

I win.

Neil Mix said...

Ha! Math is hard. So is statistics.

a) Poll #1 was taken *after* his VP announcement, duh! (I never said his desperation move wouldn't get him more votes, just that I don't like it.)

b) Zogby? Now we're cherry-picking. Using polls in isolation is the oldest trick in the book! Zogby in particular is known to yield suspicious results.

Here's some more comprehensive numbers:

It's hard for me to believe that his position relative to Obama didn't have any effect on his choice of VP.

David said...

Easy does it!!! I suggest we all sit down with a few drinks and have a friendly conversation. in the end, the discussion will turn to Star Wars, and all will be good! ;-)

Neil Mix said...

Aw geez, I'm just being cheeky. No vitriol intended.

Speaking of which, is it wise to suggest alcohol to subdue a conversation? ;)