Friday, August 29, 2008

Woohoo! (was : Bad tactics (was : Who?!?!?))

Ok, MAJOR EDIT! Now that I had a chance to research her and see her speak, I'm very PRO on the VP pick. Hell, I like her more than I like John. (not that I liked John all that much, but still...)

Do you want someone who will REFORM? I know I do, and she's a reformer. Check out her history here. This gal rocks!

As for Barack - sheesh, where do I start?? On the plus side, I think he's being a great role model for young blacks, albeit misguided. Typical symbolism over substance. But hey, the masses seem to like it regardless if they don't really know what change is needed.

Oh well, politics as usual. Nothing to see here. Move right along. ;-)

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