Monday, September 1, 2008

Surprising MPG

Since the late 80's I've driven some sort of SUV. First it was my four speed, 4 cylinder Isuzu Trooper II (no air, no cruise, no radio - no frills period!) and I drove that thing all over the country until the motor crapped out at 140k miles. Still, it got decent milage and could drive through anything. After that, I got a Ford Explorer and drove that for another 100k+ miles until the transmission ate itself. Two more Explorers - both V8's and those things got terrible MPG (around 12) for such a small truck, but with that 5.0 liter V8 and all wheel drive - they were really fun to drive. Still, hauling all sorts of sailing crap around and the purchase of a 4,700lbs sailboat necessitated a larger vehicle that could tow.

So it began - I got my first Excursion. V10 powered with the storage capacity of an airplane hangar and a dismal 11MPG. My second Excursion that I got in 2002 was more refined, quieter and even with the same V10 monster engine, gets around 14mpg. Pretty amazing with that kind of vehicle. Since Ford killed the truck, there's no replacement for it and at 120k miles, I'm gonna drive this thing into the ground.

Still, as a daily driver its not the most fun thing to drive around in. Enter my 2002 Porsche 911 C4S. This thing is all performance and fun, but thing really gets great gas milage! Sure when you jump on the gas the milage is gonna go into the tank, but driven "normally", it gets anywhere from 28.5 to 31.2mpg. Pretty sweet for an all wheel drive sports car that goes like the wind. ;-)

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