Friday, August 29, 2008

Not a good image

So, here's a shot of Woz and a lady friend watching some sort of event while still astride their beloved Segway's.

Lets make some observations - everyone else walked to the event from whatever sort of transportation they came in. Woz and ladyfriend didn't.

Everyone seems to be pretty in shape while Woz and ladyfriend could use a little less intake and some exercise.

What image does this give to Segway?

Perhaps this is what will happen to us all as we head toward the singularity?


carrera said...

Well, duh.... Dean Kamen suckered a few investors into ponying up the cash to pay for the design and production of the Segway (aka market flop). Who else owns one except for the unlucky investors?? That's one hell of an investment write-off he's riding on! ;)

Eric said...

the seqway is going to change the world!