Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where's it gonna come from?

The more you listen to all the clamoring about wanting more plug in electric vehicles, the more you have to question the intelligence level of those speaking. In this case, former Intel Chairman Andy Groves. He wants 10 million plug in vehicles on the road in 4 years.

So, mister genius, where is the electrical power for these cars going to come from? Last I checked we would have rolling blackouts in the summer due to the high need and the lack of available power on the grid, and he wants to add 10 million + cars to the grid??

And lets talk about base production of the power. What's more effective - an in vehicle power plant, or energy produced somewhere else and then transported over power lines with incredible loss over the lines to get to the outlet?? And what sort of plant is going to produce this power? Around here we have some of the nastiest and dirtiest yellow coal power plants that spew a yellow tinged exhaust into the air that can been seen for hundreds of miles in the atmosphere.

Yeah, having electrical cars makes a lot of sense. Whatever....

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