Monday, July 14, 2008

Not a bad opening weekend

I'm sure Hollywood is jealous. Sunday Apple announced it had sold the one millionth iPhone since the Friday release.

One million iPhones in about 48 hours. Dare I say, OMG! Sheesh, iPhone (3G) mania was WAY more than I had thought. (Herb still doesn't have his and his Treo is toast - bummer!)

Lets break it down....

Hmmm, 1,000,000 iPhones - figure 2/3 of them 16GB models (after all, now that we have the App Store , we need more memory), so that's about $200 million in sales provided all the buyers qualified for the discounted purchase price (still looking for numbers on those ratios) and an additional $66 million for the 8GB models (again, at the lowest price).

So, figure a minimum of $266 million plus non upgraders and then the two year commit on the contracts for another $1400 each brings us to about a cool $400 million dollars for the opening weekend.

I think I'll say it again. OMG! ;-)

UPDATE - 10,000,000 downloads on the App Store. Sheeesh.

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