Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm the anti-line

Engadget reports that people (read : idiots) are lining up at the Apple Cube for the 3G iPhone already. Even Scoble gets into the act with his "expert" opinion of waiting in line for the next gen iPhone. (If someone can actually BE an expert in waiting in line?!?)

Locally, an acquaintance of mine (who will remain un-named) is all excited about driving down to Milwaukee and waiting in line at the Apple store for the new Jesus phone. And then there were the guys that waited in line for the Jobs keynotes....

Is waiting in line fun? Is there untold fame and fortune in it? Do you get anything more than someone who doesn't wait in line and gets the same reward (ie the product) mere minutes after you? Or sits next to you at the keynote after walking right in, still hung over from the night before?

Sorry folks, as a fan boy, there's no way I ever wait in line for Apple crap. There's no need other than for your six seconds of fame.

Trust me - Apple will have plenty of iPhones. Especially in NorthEast Wisconsin. I guess if you have ooodles of time to waste, you can spend it in line. But think of all the cool things you could do while NOT standing in line?

UPATE - the guy in the front of the line is there with his wife and BABY claiming they're there to set some sort of Guiness record. What a tard.

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