Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did I switch?

Nope. Still have my iPhone 1.0.

Here's why.

1. Do I need high speed data? Yes! But AT&T sucks here in Green Bay (its not their network - they outsourced it!) and I won't get any faster speeds locally. Sure when I travel it will be nice, but I'll cross that bridge later this fall.

2. GPS? Again, that would be nice, but now that the new 2.0 software has following, the "close enough" GPS is well, good enough. (plus I've heard from friends who have 3G's that the GPS is kinda flaky sometimes)

3. The extra storage space would be nice, but nothing that's causing problems for me now. (and yes, I have a pile of apps loaded on it)

4. Rumor has it that the plastic backing on the 3G iPhone gives it better reception. Now THAT would be nice, but I ordered two 800mhz range extenders for both the office and house since we are so far away from the tower anyway.

5. Software-wise its all the same and I love the apps. (Pandora rocks! Thanks to Neil!)

So, I'm hanging tight (for now). I'm sure I'll make the jump sooner or later. I'm really wanting high speed data as my primary tipping point, but the lack of AT&T's network is holding me back at this point.

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