Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Black or white? Which will it be?

Yes, its time to make a choice between two options - each with their own ups and downs. Pros and Cons. And in this case, black or white.

Am I talking about making your decision based purely on skin color? Hell yes!! Do appearances only matter? Its not like their both the same on the inside, or are they?

So, you have to choose - BLACK or WHITE?

Which will you pick??

Which one will say the most about who you are? Your social status? Your (gasp!) political preferences?

I think a lot of people will worry about which one will show fingerprints and be easier to keep clean.

WTF? You thought I was talking about John or Obama??

No way dude, I'm talking about which 3G iPhone color you are gonna get! Sheesh, you got all freaked out there for a second. ;-)

So, which will it be??

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