Sunday, April 27, 2008


Some observations about the shark attack that happened in southern California a few days ago.

1. Reports of a shark hunt for the offending animal. What?? How does this help? Why bother? Its not like your looking for a murderer here - someone who broke the law by killing someone. We're talking about a shark. An animal who attacked a swimmer looking for a meal, not with any intent against the individual or mankind. Freakin' stupid.

2. Lifeguards close beach, post no swimming signs and attempt (and fail) to keep surfers from the water. What, is the ocean now more dangerous after the attack? Seems that it was more dangerous before the attack. Having spent a fair amount of time in the waters off California, everyone knows the sharks are there. Especially when their main food source (seals) are there. I've thought to myself several times as I'm headed out into the break that I'm entering a while new realm in terms of food chains, and I'm not exactly on top of the pile in my current situation.

3. Kudos to the ill fated swimmer's friends for immediately pulling him from the waters. Some of them were 10-20 yards from him when it happened and instead of thinking about their own hides, they quickly pulled him to shore. I know my personal desire for self preservation is pretty high, and I think what they did is exceptional.

We take risks every day knowing both the dangers and the rewards. The fact that there's a downside shouldn't keep us from taking those risks and behavior in that direction leads down a path I'm not interested in taking.

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