Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello from London

A few notes : first class service on Northwest is not all that bad. I think Virgin probably kicks butt comparatively, but since I got the upgrade for free, I'll take it all the same. The seat/bed was worth it as I arrived in London bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for action.

While AT&T claimed my phone would/should/did work, it really didn't want to work at all today. I didn't trust any electronic foo that they were doing from the US side of the pond, so I stopped into a mobile phone store and purchased a pay-as-you-go TMobile card that has decent per minute rates, but really scores with a good data plan. Unlike AT&T/O2 that's gonna charge me per KB transferred, this plan maxes my daily data charges at $2. (1 pound)

Upon arrival back to the hotel, I fired up ziphone, unlocked/jailbroke the phone, switched SIMs and boom! I was up on TMobile. It was about that time that AT&T asked me to try again with their SIM, so I switched and low and behold, now the AT&T/O2 SIM worked as well! I need to re-lock the phone and see if it still works, but I find it interesting that it worked right after I unlocked the phone. (until then it would just scan for networks, and regardless of what I picked, it wouldn't work)

So, I've got the best of both worlds with a SIM that is my usual phone, and when I'm needed a lot of data, I can swap out to the TMobile SIM and pound away all I want at rates WAY less than AT&T's data roaming.


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