Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No, I don't care what you say

So, I called AT&T yesterday to add international roaming/calling to my iPhone and since I'm within the 90 day "hold" period, they had to ask me some questions pertaining to my past credit history. No biggie, I said, fire away...

First question - what county have you lived in sometime in the past 8 years? None of her 3 possible answers were applicable as I've only lived in Brown county. (her possible answers were for counties in other states mind you)

Second question - what vehicle lease/lending firm have you had a vehicle from? Again, none of her 3 possible answers applied. Now I comment to her that 1) none of her possible answers seem to apply to me, and 2) why are we bothering moving forward since all my replies (by default) we be "wrong" on her side.

But, alas, she charges forward with a third question, and yes, you guessed it. None of the answers applied to me.

Again, I state that there's been some mix up because her possible answers aren't even close to being an option for me. Especially the one about what COUNTRY did I live in from 2001 to 2003? Yeah, I really liked that one.

So, then she informs me that I didn't answer the questions correctly (no kidding!!!) and she would be unable to add international calling to my phone. Regardless of what I'm telling her about the screw up, she's just moving forward like I'm talking swahili or something. (don't get me started on her ability to accurately speak the english language ..... grrrr....)

Regardless of what I told her, she just kept pressing on. Neither caring or even trying to put me through to someone to help me.

Amazing, just amazing.

Every day I run into things like this I sooo appreciate the customer support team we have here at MailFoundry. Customer service IS a huge competitive advantage and makes all the difference in the world.

Geee, I wonder why 1/4 of all iPhones aren't with AT&T. Hmmmm....

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