Friday, April 11, 2008

April winter wtorms

Friends of mine and I have been commenting the past few weeks about the real possibility of strong April snow storms with the way the weather patterns have been setting up lately in the upper midwest.

Well, we got what we thought we might. MSP is getting something like 6-10 inches of snow today, and Green Bay is gonna skate by with around 3 inches.

I'm posting this at 2am PST time in San Francisco because my 8:20am flight to MSP has been cancelled due to the storm and the rebook is for Saturday morning. Total bummer, but there were a few meetings this week in SFO that got messed up and now I can at least work those in on my extra day (and night) in SFO.

At least on this end of the country the weather is simply delightful with mid 70's temps and sunshine galore. Perhaps I'll just stay here for a few days while everything gets sorted out. ;-)

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