Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Made the switch

Finally made the switch to an iPhone. Yeah yeah, I said I'd wait for 3G, but I gotta say that I'm addicted to my iPod Touch and every day that passed was a day of wishing I would have kept that test iPhone last fall.

Also - the thought of traveling abroad with a lame assed loaner Sprint phone kinda pushed the issue a little bit. Just a little. ;-)

I bought a refurb'd iPhone from Apple and I gotta say, if it was used prior to me, there's nothing to indicate as such. I've always been impressed with Apple's refurbished products and if you were looking at saving some money on an iPhone, you can purchase with confidence. (note - AT&T just announced refurbished iPhones at $150 off retail! That's $100 better than Apple)


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Miss Wish said...

Glad to see you are back in the fold! Does this mean when I loose my cord at Interop you can help me again? ; - )