Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching up

Lets see....

NYC was quick. Too quick. Lots of rain. So much that I ruined my favorite pair of boots slogging through it all. It was nice to experience the city as a tourist for once. Of course with the rain we didn't get to do some things, but still had a blast.

Sunday was a hike. NYC to DTW to GRB, and then 5 hours later, GRB to DTW to MCO. Orlando's service providers at the airport are a disaster. There's a lot of lessons there on how NOT to run a service oriented business. With all the tourists they get through there, its amazing they're so clumsy at it.

Some of you have pinged me as to why I'm quiet on the Apple SDK. Actually, I've been too busy to post about it, but in the nutshell I think Apple really nailed it. Sure its not perfect, but I think they did a heck of a lot of things right and this is only the beginning. I was thrilled to watch Steve open the presentation with the statement that this is a major PLATFORM for Apple. I don't think many people fully grasp where this is all headed. Apple gets it. Microsoft, Nokia and the others don't.

I love my new USB EVDO card, but I forgot the software for Adam's machine so he can't use it. D'oh! Oh well, that's what internet sharing is for... Just look for my snarkly named wireless network... ;-)

And finally, we saw the shuttle go up last night - for about 3 seconds. Low clouds kinda ruined our view. Oh well. Perhaps next time. (photo is AP, not mine)

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