Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where in the world is Steve?

Anyone else think that its odd that we're only 3 weeks before the keynote for MacWorld Expo and there's no announcement of Steve Jobs on stage as usual? Sure, the announcement is typically late, but this time around its really late.

Conspiracy theorists have at it! ;-)

UPDATE - Well, guess ol' Steve isn't doing the keynote. They just announced it.
Also - the announcement was done after the close of today's stock market. That makes the rumors about Steve's health stick to the wall that much more. I figured that they would do a "changing of the guard" kind of keynote, ala the previous MacBook/Pro press conference, but perhaps Steve's health has fallen faster than they figured and Schiller had to step in. The late announcement is also probably ringing the MacWorld Expo's phones off of the hook with people asking for refunds.

And yes, I'm still planning to go.

Kinda weird that I posted the original blog entry just this morning....

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carrera said...

My prediction is that MacWorld will be giving you a call to be keynote speaker! ;)