Wednesday, December 24, 2008

REAL electronic ticketing

NWA has finally rolled out its mobile barcode boarding pass system which I'll be using to board my flight tomorrow. This is real E-Ticket technology that's been long in coming, and for me, this will make my trips through the airport even faster.

Though I'm kinda unsure how the TSA dudes are going to work with it since they always 1) make ink check-marks on the boarding pass document. And 2) you typically pass through the metal detector WITH your boarding pass in-hand ... something that will be impossible with your mobile phone.

(and no - the above image is not my boarding pass ... that would be stupid to post an image of your pass which includes your frequent flier information which is pretty easy to hack)

1 comment:

carrera said...

They will have to supply TSA with dry erase markers! I'm hoping United follows suit soon, too.

Looking forward to hearing how that works out for you tomorrow.