Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One device or two?

Today the Dash is $199 on Amazon. That's a pretty sweet deal such that I'm kinda on the fence about getting one. For as much as I travel in other cities, a dedicated GPS would be handy to have.

But my iPhone essentially does everything the Dash does and carrying another device isn't something I really want to do, but I would if the device was worth it to me.

Of course, when I'm using the iPhone as a phone, its useless as a GPS since it doesn't get data while on a call. (I guess it might be a bad thing to be talking on the phone and examining GPS routes all while driving.... eh?)

Google Maps on the iPhone rocks... I live it on when traveling and having traffic is also a huge deal for me when driving around cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles and has saved my butt on more than one occasion.

I've passed on a GPS last year for Christmas from my family since I didn't think I'd use it since I had Google Maps on my phone. But does the GPS experience trounce Maps on a phone enough to justify owning one? Not to mention that the Dash needs a subscription to get updates, etc. but that's cool since it has a GPRS modem in it. If you don't get the subscription, its a plain jane GPS.

Any iPhone users out there also carry/use a dedicated GPS?


carrera said...

Just get a Garmin Nuvi for travel. I did, and it's the best thing that I bought for travel! They use Navtec maps, the best ones out there! You can get a Nuvi 350 for under $200. Get one that pronounces the street names, not just tells you to "turn left at the next intersection".

David said...

Thats cool. I like the Nuvi's - and googling around, seems like they're better liked by their owners than the Dash's.